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Harry Ransom Center UT Austin – Digital Collections

The Ransom Center is an internationally renowned humanities research center at The University of Texas at Austin. Our extensive collections provide unique insight into the creative process of some of our finest writers and artists, deepening the understanding and appreciation of literature, photography, film, art, and the performing arts. The collections include nearly 1 million books, more than 42 million manuscripts, 5 million photographs, and 100,000 works of art. Highlights include Robert De Niro’s archive of scripts, notes, costumes, and props; the earliest known extant photograph made with the aid of the camera obscura; E. E. Cummings’s wooden paint box; production materials from Gone With The Wind; manuscript drafts by Nobel Prize-winning author Doris Lessing; Jack Kerouac’s notebook documenting his writing of On the Road; original works by Frida Kahlo, including her iconic self-portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird; the Gernsheim Collection, containing some of the world’s finest examples of photographic art and science; some of Albert Einstein’s unpublished notes and calculations for his work on general relativity; Gabriel García Márquez’s manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, and more (digitized for easy perusal); and one of only 20 complete copies of the Gutenberg Bible in the world.

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