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Frederick Douglass in Britain and Ireland

African American Transatlantic Abolitionism. Here you will find information on formerly enslaved African Americans who made radical and politicized journeys to the British Isles during the c19th to educate British audiences about slavery, racism, and lynching. They spoke in large cities and small fishing villages across the length and breadth of the British Isles, published thousands of copies of their slave narratives and spoke to millions of people. The maps of their speaking locations are designed to be visual monuments of their courageous and inspiring activism, and how Britons walk past sites rich in Black activism on a daily basis.

You’ll find links to abolitionist biographies (with their own separate maps) and info on Frederick Douglass’ 3 journeys to Britain and Ireland. In the navigational bar, you’ll find three pages dedicated to mapping African American lecturing tours: one is entirely focused on Douglass, the second represents nearly 5,000 lectures from Douglass and 25 other African Americans, and the third shows a chronology of visits over time.

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